Portrait Of a Dancer


“Portrait of a Dancer” is part of an ongoing project which has been start in October 2010, and has been developed following the Professional dancer Liadain Speranza Herriot, during the preparation of various performances, from solo to collaborations with her recent partner on stage Maria Nilsson Waller. The project, at moment, is focalised mainly on her life on stage, capturing the energies, the commitment and the self-criticism during the preparation of new performances. Her capacity to concentrate on the work and to feel comfortable with other people in intimate spaces, is something very fascinating to capture trough the lens, and as first ever project of this kind, gives me motivations to continue. The preparation of the new performance “sound/movement” and the possible scenarios behind a collaboration of this kind, are very interesting and can culminate in the production of a strongest body of work to present in relation with the piece.
The collaboration with Liadain Speranza Herriot, begun after we meet during the photo shot of the event “Dark Dining”, which took place in Dublin on February 2010.

“Classically trained in Monte Carlo and Madrid, Liadain has worked across Europe for Many important Theatrical companies, and performed works in India, NYC, Brussels and Dublin.”
“Her aim is to explore and to expand the possibilities of dance performance, beyond the regular approach, collaborating with different artists, from photographers to writers, extending the range of audience members beyond the usual public”