Transition is a project which has been developed during the last 6 months, with the personal consciousness that perceptions and ideas can change and evolve continuously, in a reality in which any person lives phases during the life, as individual and artist.
The idea for the project, at very first place, came by the interest in the different approach to photography by the different artists, looking specifically to the creative ways to produce works by contemporary photographers such as Philip Lorca DiCorcia and Gregory Crewdson
During the development of a possible project, the related interest on narrative photography did create the base for the development of different scenarios and ideas, in which the subject wasn’t yet identified.
The Self Portrait means exposure, of your identity, your ideas, your vulnerability and your weakness, in a show in which, who watch is not always ready to see. The interpretation of infidelity and the relative reactions are merely an appearance, and a way to protect myself from such exposures.